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Sharing or swapping data between two systems is extremely complex.  There are many certified and proven 3rd party systems that have integrated with Opera using OXI or IFC as interface types.  Many have created booking engines or mobile solutions using OWS.  That makes it easier to plug them together for sure but it is still a complex solution that needs to be planned and understood before you carry it out.

What are the implications for your room inventory, profiles etc.  We offer expert advise how these integrations – we can manage the implementation on your behalf ensuring a smooth transaction from the ‘before’ to the ‘after’.

There are multiple integration types that we work with.  Below you will find a quick brief on each.

Opera Xchange Interface

Also known as OXI this is the most common interface type used between external systems and Opera when transacting Profiles and Bookings.  Many OXI interfaces are signed sealed and delivered with regards to configuration.  You the hotelier must change / adapt your Opera configuration to work with some external systems.  The what is easy – its usually documented – the ‘how’ is the hard bit, knowing the impact of any change to your operation within Opera is important.  You neither want to impact guests or revenue.  We can assist in making this transition as smooth as possible.

Opera Web Suite

Also known as OWS this is a widely used XML interface with Opera PMS, ORS, OCIS, S&C and OVOS.  Broadly used for Web Booking Engines it can also be used for Kiosk and Mobile integration projects.  Cadenza has been involved with some of the initial OWS projects that took place as early as 2002.  Cadenza wrote the EAME internal training and certification documentation for Micros back in 2007, much of it still used to this day.

Property Interface

The Opera Interface program carries code from the very early days of Opera.  Its function is to integrate property interfaces with Opera mostly for the purpose of posting charges.  It has grown from a simple interface program to a that converted, mapped and passed data to an extremely versatile piece of software that handles the integration with 100s of 3rd party systems.  Most of these systems are revenue generating which makes IFC8  ,as it is known now, program critically important in to the Hotel Operation.  Whether it communicates to the 3rd party using cables or networking IFC8 can handle it.  We can provide installation, troubleshooting and / or support services as required.

Export Files

Some times integration is a one way from Opera to the external system.  In the case of Business Intelligence or Accounting Systems.  If you need to get data from Opera to supply to an external service then give us a call.  We can extraction then do what is needed to the data to provide to your partner in the format they require.


Writing reports sometimes fulfill the need to get data from A to B.  Having this done by an expert gives you the confidence that the requirement will be fulfilled and the support is there when the job is completed.

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