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Cadenza is available for freelance consultation project work whether it be small or longer term projects. We are a fully independent specialising in the Opera Hotel Suite of products from Oracle. Most of our project work is carried out remotely after an initial face to face meeting.

We provide consultancy services in the following areas:

All Things Opera Hotel Suite

PMS – Opera Property Management System  –  The core application that manages the hotel operation profiles, reservations, check in / financial transactions check out, housekeeping etc

ORS – Opera Reservation System  –  Now as ‘Opera Rooms Reservations’.  The central booking system with direct connectivity to GDS, ADS and WEB and the hotel system

OCIS – Opera Customer Information System  –  Now ‘Opera Customer Loyalty’.  Profile Management along with brand loyalty program system

OXI – Opera Xchange Interface  –  A two way xml interface for exchange of profile, booking and other relevant information for a 3rd party external system

OWS – Opera Web Suite  –  Web Service integration used primarily for Web Booking Engines but also for Kiosk, Mobile and Activity systems

IFC – Opera Property Interfaces  –  On premises connector to local 3rd party charging systems

  • Data Integration

Connecting with other systems can be a difficult task at the best of times.  To ensure a smooth integration process you must carry out some initial home work 1. understand the best integration method to use, for Opera that is understanding the best interface type.  2. Know the capabilities of the system 3. transition a smooth ‘cut over’ to a ‘stead state’.  All of this takes skill, experience and product knowledge.

  • Data Extraction

Opera provides some nice tools to get data out of the system. Whether you are a hosted client or an on-premises installation we can assist in ensuring you get the right data to meet your needs.  Don’t let this task become frustrating and overwhelming.  We can do the task and educate your team on how to manage and enhance the extraction at a later date, or we can also provide that ongoing management and support as a service.

  • Automation

Ever get the felling your team were just spending hours and hours doing the same task over and over.  Give us a buzz – we can discuss automating the task.  Reports, data extraction etc.

  • System Performance Audits

Oracle is without doubt one of the top RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) in the world.  To provide the level of capability that it does – requires management.  A car won’t perform to its optimum unless it is serviced.  Well Opera is not anyway different.  We can carry out a performance audit on your system to ensure it is running to its optimum.  This is very much a troubleshooting exercise that will catch poor configuration, expensive sql queries, poor printing speeds, slow moment between screens and much more.  Call us and we can discuss in more detail.

  • Issue Resolution

Some times it is one or more issues that you just cannot resolve because they lie in that grey zone between Application and Hardware support.  Well help is on hand.  We have over 20 years of experience of ‘firefighting’ issues with Opera and Hotel PMS systems.  Don’t raise your blood pressure, don’t loose sleep no need to change your PMS and cause untold pressure on your organisation.  Before you call your psychiatrist give us a call first.

  • Subject Matter Expert

There are a handful of people around the world who have been working under the hood with the Opera from the beginning.  Many times you will get the response that the person you are speaking to is not technical or not an application person.  With Cadenza you get the best of both worlds – deep knowledge about the inner workings of the application and technology.  Knowing how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together is important on many grounds but mostly – for the hotelier is means cost saving.  You don’t have to have 3 people to carry out a single task..  just think about that for a moment.

  • Education – Large / Small Group or One to One training

When education occurs after an installation – it has very specific needs.   The operation knows how to check in / check out ( Let’s should hope so they are doing it each day ).  The training need tends to be pretty bespoke or covering one or more specific topics.  Whether it be simple or complex, we can design a training course to fulfill your needs.


We also provide expert consultation on your Opera Data for Business Intelligence projects.  We can work alongside your internal or external teams to provide deep experienced advise on Opera Data.

Need more information or you would like to have a discussion – our contact detail is at the top of the page